Carlo Scarpa and Tadao Ando

This half-day tour, focusing on the works of Carlo Scarpa and Tadao Ando, leads through the heart of the city, showing you before historical background well known works of two famous autodidacts. These are primarily conversions and renovations, which deal with the historical context and form a special dialectic between old and new. The tour starts with the Querini Stampalia Foundation rebuilt in the 1950s by Carlo Scarpa. Besides the new entrance bridge, the exhibition and conference room he created the garden, a green oasis in the stone labyrinth of Venice. Next stop is the Olivetti shop which Scarpa designed for the once leading typewriters and calculators manufacturer directly at St. Mark’s Square.

The Saving Bank Venice, an architectural document of the 1970s was a controversial attempt to bring modern architecture to the city centre.

For the Teatrino Grassi Japanese architect Tadao Ando created artfully curved walls. His well-known trademark is in the Punta della Dogana, once customs warehouse now Museum, which marks the end of the tour.